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From The New York City Department of Buildings  Recently New York City has tragically lost two workers while another was injured. As a response to these incidents the Department will be proactively sweeping construction sites throughout the city to ensure the safety of the sites and the workers. As merit shop contractors, the safety of…

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Death From Above: Lawmaker Envisions Bird-Safe Buildings in New York City

Brian Sampson, president of the Empire State Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors, which works on behalf of over 400 construction and contracting firms throughout New York State, said he’s actually a bird fan.

It’s just that saving them from deadly building crashes with a new law is “unnecessary” and “pretty far down the list” compared to other big cost-drivers affecting construction such as the dusty scaffolding laws, the calculation of prevailing wages, and even recreational marijuana legalization that has been floated by Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a possible law that he said could endanger pot-free hardhats working alongside legal users.

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Outdated Union Work Rules Driving Up MTA Costs

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) has come under fire of late. It’s been accused of being one the most mismanaged transit authorities in the world. These accusations arise from the MTA being plagued by construction delays and high costs. However, being that all construction on NYC subways has to be 100% completed by union labor,…

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