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ABC is The Only Voice For Merit Shop Contractors

  • At every level of government, ABC has a dedicated team advocating for our members.
  • Our efforts are focused on protecting our members from harmful laws and regulations that prohibit the growth and success of the construction industry.
  • The Chapter and our members are up against a well-funded and deeply entrenched establishment. Yet we, unabashedly, take your fight to Washington, Albany, and your local Town Hall.
  • We advocate strongly for your right to continue to run your business the way you choose.
  • ABC Empire State has developed relationships with government officials at the local, state, and federal levels in order to help ensure our member's voices are heard.
  • In the real world of construction, ABC’s maxim “Get into Politics or Get out of Business” is true. The fact is, few businesses or individuals have the time or resources to monitor legislation that directly affects their industry or influences their lawmakers.
  • At the federal, state, and local levels, ABC is the merit shop's and the construction industry's most influential advocate.
  • Whether actively lobbying the legislature or tracking legislation and regulations that affect their business, ABC members are given the tools to take action on legislation and the voice to lobby for change.

State Issues:

Federal Issues: