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Professional Services Committee

Connecting Contractors & Experts

Created for Members, By Members

As an ABC member, not only do you have access to your ABC Staff for information resources, but you also have access to years of experience from your fellow associate professionals regarding compliance with government entities, accounting practices, business services, human resources, consulting, financial practices, and more.

What is it?

The Professional Services Committee (PSC) was created in 2015 and has grown to become a valuable tool for ABC contractors. They work to educate members on vital topics by presenting member-only online webinars and in-person presentations at our offices or a member's office. They will also answer members' questions that have been submitted for review.

Through the PSC, we've helped hundreds of contractors by providing them with direct help from expert attorneys, insurance agents, and other valuable disciplines to help members with compliance and best practices.

The disciplines included in the group are (but not limited to):

  • Compliance
  • Prevailing Wage
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Design Professionals
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Financial Services


Southern Tier Insulations had questions about a new compliance law, we reached out to the ABC Professional Services committee and had the answers we needed in a timely manner. Not only did it save us a lot of time researching the issue ourselves, we knew we were receiving valid information from a fellow member well versed in the field.

Tracy Mieczkowski, Southern Tier Insulations

Gallo Construction needed a quick answer on a legal matter within an hour of calling ABC we were referred and our questions answered by an attorney ABC member firm participating in the ABC Professional Services Committee. This saved me time and money in resolving our issue.

Lisa Gizara, Gallo Construction


How Do I Contact the Committee With a Question?

Please submit any questions you have via phone or email to your Regional Membership Director. Your question will be forwarded to the PSC, and within 24-48 hours, you will receive a response from the PSC member most suited to address your issue.