The Empire Chapter Releases First Round of Legislative Endorsements

ALBANY, NY – The Empire State Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (, representing more than 425 merit shop contractors across New York State, through its Political Action Committee announced its initial slate of bipartisan 2018 legislative endorsements.

The endorsed candidates were vetted using the Associated Builders and Contractors candidate questionnaire responses, legislative scorecards and previous voting records. One critical factor in determining a candidate’s eligibility for endorsement was their position to extend prevailing wage to private work, which should be an economic non-starter to New York.

Senate Endorsements (25)
John Flanagan (R) 2nd District
Dean Murray* (R) 3rd District
Carl Marcellino (R) 5th District
Kemp Hannon (R) 6th District
Elaine Phillips (R) 7th District
Jeff Pravato* (R) 8th District
Simcha Felder (D) 17th District
Marty Golden (R) 22nd District
Sue Serino (R) 41st District
Ann Rabbitt* (R) 42nd District
Daphne Jordan* (R) 43rd District
Betty Little (R) 45th District
George Amedore (R) 46th District
Joe Griffo (R) 47th District
Patti Ritchie (R) 48th District
James Tedisco (R) 49th District
Bob Antonacci* (R) 50th District
James Seward (R) 51st District
Fred Akshar (R) 52nd District
Pam Helming (R) 54th District
Tom O’Mara (R) 58th District
Pat Gallivan (R) 59th District
Chris Jacobs (R) 60th District
Mike Ranzenhofer (R) 61st District
Rob Ortt (R) 62nd District

Assembly Endorsements (23)
Mike Fitzpatrick (R) 8th District
Michael Montesano (R) 15th District
Brian Curran (R) 21st District
Chris Tague (R) 102nd District
Kieran Michael Lalor (R) 105th District
Jacob Ashby (R) 107th District
Mary Beth Walsh (R) 112th District
Dan Stec (R) 114th District
Kenneth Blankenbush (R) 117th District
Clifford Crouch (R) 122nd District
Chris Friend (R) 124th District
Nick Paro* (R) 127th District
Brian Kolb (R) 131st District
Philip Palmesano (R) 132nd District
Peter Lawrence (R) 134th District
Stephen Hawley (R) 139th District
Robin Schimminger (D) 140th District
Michael Norris (R) 144th District
Angelo Morinello (R) 145th District
Ray Walter (R) 146th District
David DiPietro (R) 147th District
Joseph Giglio (R) 148th District
Andrew Goodell (R) 150th District

*Indicates Challenger

“Now, more than ever, New York needs voices in the state legislature that will support fair and open competition in New York. The 50 candidates that we’ve endorsed today will help create job growth and boost the economy,” said Brian Sampson, President of ABC, Empire State. “We are proud to endorse these candidates and encourage voters to support them with us on Election Day.”

ABC and its Political Action Committee will continue to monitor other races across the state and will make additional endorsements prior to November 6.

See ABC’s 2nd Round of Endorsements Here…

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A lack of public hearings on the issue and the rush to get the bill passed by the end of session also means that final details of the bill will be determined behind closed doors, according to Brian Sampson, president of Empire Chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors. “The potential impact of this bill, as drafted, could stop economic development in parts of this state for a long time,” he said. “Why aren't we talking about this bill more openly, and having more discussions and dialogue about it, instead of wrapping it up with a pretty little bow in the ‘Big Ugly?’”

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