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Statement Regarding Construction Safety

Statement by Brian Sampson, president of the Associated Builders and Contractors, Empire State Chapter:

“Open shop contractors are committed to upholding safety standards that protect construction workers and members of the public. Any construction-related injury or death is unacceptable, regardless of whether it takes place on a union or non-union site.

It is unfortunate that building trade union leaders appear to highlight safety issues on some worksites while downplaying unsafe conditions on others. Additionally, union leaders have proposed strategies, such as mandatory apprenticeship programs, that would increase their own market share at the expense of other much-needed jobs throughout the industry.

We need a comprehensive and inclusive approach to construction safety, not a selective approach. ABC will continue to work with all stakeholders – including the mayor’s office, the City Council and the Dept. of Buildings – to provide every worker with the skills and training they need to stay safe on the job.”