ABC’s 2021 Women in Construction Week Celebrates Kelly O’Leary

Kelly O’Leary, Apprentice Electrician, C.M. Richey Electrical Contractors, Inc. 

Kelly started working in male-dominated industries in 2014 as an automobile mechanic. In doing so, she developed a base knowledge of how electricity works, and after about four-and-a-half years she decided she wanted to shift to a new career path with better opportunities.

That is when Kelly joined the electrical industry. As an apprentice at C.M. Richey Electrical Contractors, Inc., every day presents new opportunities for her to grow and learn her craft. That, combined with seeing progress and the finished result on projects, are the two most rewarding part of the job for Kelly. She looks forward to continuing along the path she is on in our ever-growing industry and she continues to be grateful that she chose to become an electrician.

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2021 New York State Session Recap

By |June 29th, 2021|Categories: News, Statewide|

The New York State Legislature concluded session on June 11th. The Senate and Assembly passed 892 bills, many of which will be sent to Governor Cuomo for signature, veto or Chapter Amendments between now and the end of the year.

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