ABC’s 2021 Women in Construction Week Celebrates Kelly O’Leary

Kelly O’Leary, Apprentice Electrician, C.M. Richey Electrical Contractors, Inc. 

Kelly started working in male-dominated industries in 2014 as an automobile mechanic. In doing so, she developed a base knowledge of how electricity works, and after about four-and-a-half years she decided she wanted to shift to a new career path with better opportunities.

That is when Kelly joined the electrical industry. As an apprentice at C.M. Richey Electrical Contractors, Inc., every day presents new opportunities for her to grow and learn her craft. That, combined with seeing progress and the finished result on projects, are the two most rewarding part of the job for Kelly. She looks forward to continuing along the path she is on in our ever-growing industry and she continues to be grateful that she chose to become an electrician.

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ABC Responds to Biden’s Infrastructure Plan That Is Rife With ABC-opposed Labor Policies:

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On March 31, the Biden administration released a more than $2 trillion infrastructure outline titled the “American Jobs Plan.” While the plan calls for federal spending over the next eight years to improve the nation’s infrastructure, including for transportation, broadband, energy, and drinking water, it also includes funding for schools and child-care facilities, affordable housing, workforce development and manufacturing.

Builders: Katko’s Vote Aiding Labor Unions Reduces Workers’ Rights

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The point here is this: The PRO Act is not for workers, as Congress claims, Katko made a bad vote, and our membership knows it. As they say, “the devil is in the details” and Congressman, it doesn’t seem like you looked through the fine print.

ABC’s 2021 Women in Construction Week Celebrates Amber French!

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Amber began her journey as an electrician in 2013. As a single mother of three boys, at the time, she knew that she needed a solid way to provide for her children while teaching them the value of hard work. 

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