New York Post: How Union Construction Privileges Bleed Taxpayers Dry

At a recent campaign rally, Gov. Andrew Cuomo renewed his promise to New York City construction-union bosses and members, who just so happen to be among his biggest backers: “There will never be a state project that isn’t built with union labor” while he’s governor.

The Buffalo News: Another Voice: Revision To Apprenticeship Law Hurts Taxpayers

In late April, the Erie County Legislature, in a vote along party lines, passed Local Law 4-1 to close what they deemed to be a “loophole” in their apprenticeship law. Unfortunately, for the residents in Erie County, the ill-informed and misguided members of the Democratic majority chose to dramatically increase the cost of public construction at a time when financial resources for infrastructure are scarce.

Prevailing Wage Driving Up MTA Costs

The study looked at three different megaprojects to determine what factors are causing high construction costs. The RPA concludes that labor costs are the most divisive cost driver. The RPA cites a Turner and Townsend study, that found New York construction labor costs to be the highest in the world, reaching almost $100 per hour. These labor costs are directly attributed to New York’s Prevailing Wage Law. 

New York Daily News: Got Subway Anger? Aim It At The Unions: Their Contracts Inflate Construction Costs

When your train breaks down, don't just blame the bureaucracy — blame the union construction bosses that helped cripple New York's subways with selfish labor deals that have taken billions of dollars away from much-needed repairs.

Crain’s New York: Union Leaders Demanding “Construction Safety For All” Should Mean It

It’s time to stop repeating the myth that union construction worksites in New York City are inherently safer than those of the merit shop, exclusively nonunion or even open-shop worksites that combine union and nonunion workers.

The Real Deal: Data Wars: Nonunion Group Says Half 2017’s Construction Deaths Happened On Union Sites

The New York chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors released data on Monday showing that five of 2017’s construction-related deaths occurred on union sites. ABC president Brian Sampson said the statistic shows that union sites are on a more equal footing with their nonunion counterparts than labor leaders have let on.

115th Congress – Federal Update

Summer vacation began in Washington on Friday. President Donald Trump left for two weeks in Bedminster, New Jersey, joining the just-departed Senate and House of Representatives for an August recess...