Statement from Joshua Reap of Associated Builders & Contractors Regarding Remarks Made in 54th Senate Race

“What’s become abundantly clear is that Pam Helming’s Albany and downstate handlers, those funding her campaign, have great concerns about her ability to win this election. And instead of promoting her positives they instead choose to tarnish our organization and Floyd Rayburn.

The statement made by this mail piece is inaccurate, tasteless and serves as a deflection from a critical issue: the need for skilled workers in construction. The majority leadership in Albany has failed to do enough to promote merit shop construction trades as a viable, well-paying, middle-class career choice for students coming out of high school. Finding no help from Albany, our association joined other national organizations to petition Congress for better resources to help stop unwarranted hiring of illegal immigrants, while at the same time calling for the construction industry to have a higher cap to the number of slots allocated in an already existing temporary worker program. It did not then, nor does it now, call for amnesty.

The fact that the people controlling candidate Helming’s campaign want to sling mud and make insinuations is a problem. We could have done that as well. Instead we took the high road to support the candidate we feel best represents the needs and views of the 54th Senate district. Floyd Rayburn is the only candidate who doesn’t have ties to Albany, and who will be an independent, conservative vote in the Senate.”