The Voice of New York's Merit Shop

We are the voice of the merit shop in NY. Our members simply want to compete for work on a level playing field.  It's that simple. And our team at the Empire Chapter works each and every day to make sure that’s possible. We also work to ensure that you have access to top notch educational programs that will provide you with the trained, knowledgeable workforce that you need to compete in this ever changing industry. Simply put, ABC helps keep your business moving. We could not accomplish any of this without your investment in us. You recognize the importance of a unified voice that protects your interests and looks out for you. ABC  Empire State understands that your dollars are hard earned, and we work to leverage and maximize every dollar you invest in us to increase your return on investment. Thank you for your investment. You have my word that your Empire State will continue to grow. Our collective voice is going to get a lot louder. -Brian Sampson

Building Trades-Backed Report Claims Greater Diversity in Union Construction

 Joshua Reap  Monday, March 20, 2017  0

This story originally appeared in the Commercial Observer BY REY MASHAYEKHI  MARCH 8, 2017 An Economic Policy Institute report, commissioned by...

Gov. Cuomo’s Choice: Protect Immigrants or Bow to Unions?

 Joshua Reap  Monday, March 20, 2017  0

BY BRIAN SAMPSON Gov. Cuomo has sworn to protect New York’s immigrants, no matter what the cost. So why are some of his allies turning them over for...

ABC to Gov. Cuomo: Talk with the Experts, Not Just Donors

 Joshua Reap  Tuesday, March 07, 2017  0

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, March 3, 2016 – Leadership of the Associated Builders & Contractors, Empire State Chapter (ABC), called on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to visit...

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