(Albany, NY)-Associated Builders & Contractors, Empire State Chapter President Brian Sampson today issued a statement on Governor Cuomo’s 2016 proposed budget.

Associated Builders & Contractors, Empire State Chapter President Brian Sampson’s Statement on Governor Cuomo’s 2016 Budget Proposal

While we continue to dissect and study this budget, there are two issues of great importance to our nearly 400 members throughout New York State that stuck out right away: Infrastructure Investment and Worker’s Compensation Reform.

Infrastructure Investment

We commend Governor Cuomo for recognizing the dire need to fix our crumbling infrastructure. There is no question that this if we are to move forward, we need to ensure that our roads, bridges, sewers and the like need to be updated well beyond the state of disrepair we currently find them in. Having said this, we need to be cognizant of taxpayers and consider this an investment where every dollar should be spent wisely and efficiently. Not one penny of the $100 Billion Dollars should be spent on projects with Project Labor Agreements, which are wasteful to taxpayers and discriminatory to merit shop and MWBE firms.it is important to note that if we simply move forward with spending this money recklessly, we would likely be taking one step forward and two steps back.

Worker’s Compensation Reform
Worker’s Compensation is a tremendous cost to businesses that needed meaningful, common sense changes. Governor Cuomo’s plan shows a commitment to reform that makes workers comp more affordable for employers and better for employees. We need to work together to continue to find ways to drive down costs for small businesses here in New York, while there is a lot of work to do, this is a step in the right direction.