Are you and your employees prepared if an emergency happens on a job site?

On the job safety is a critical element in project success.  On average, ABC Empire State Chapter members are 400% safer than the rest of the construction industry in New York state.  Despite everyone’s best efforts construction sites are dangerous and safety issues can range from basic elements such First Aid/CPR/AED to fall protection training. Having a staff fully trained in First Aid/CPR/AED will protect workers on your jobsite and the bystanders who walk past your sites daily.

Upon completion of this course, the trainee will be able to:

Trainees will learn how to properly perform CPR on Adults as well as children, and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Trainees will also learn how to deal with a variety of injuries including electroshocks and heat related illnesses.

Training Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Care for Wounds
  • Cuts & scrapes
  • Drug overdoses
  • Electroshocks
  • Strokes
  • Heart attacks and more

This training will save lives by preparing your workforce for the worst. We hope things that were listed above don’t happen, but you can rest easier knowing that your workforce has the skills that can potentially save lives.

Who should take this training?

All employees who will be working on your construction sites especially your project managers and crew leaders should attend this training. We recommend that you train everyone in First Aid/CPR/AED so you have a staff of professionals ready act if something goes wrong.

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