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Key Races to Watch

Heading into next week’s primary, it’s a critical time for New York to play a pivotal role on the national stage. We have several U.S House of Representative races that are pitting Republican vs Republican and Democrat vs Democrat. This year, New York can impact who controls the House after the general election.

Take a look at some of the key races playing out next week:

17th Congressional District:

Sean Patrick Maloney VS Alessandra Biaggi

  • Sean Patrick Maloney
    • Maloney served as the Representative of the 18th Congressional District, after the redistricting process he is now running for the 17th District
    • Maloney is the chair of the National Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
    • He is running on both the party’s core issues
    • He is also focusing on issues local to Hudson Valley such as local farms and businesses
    • Prior to his service in Congress, he served in the Spitzer and Paterson administrations
    • He also served as White House staff secretary under President Clinton
  • Alessandra Biaggi
    • Biaggi is a current State Senator serving Westchester County
    • She is running on a hard progressive line focusing on an anti-establishment platform
    • She is focused on climate change and affordable housing

18th Congressional District:

Three Democrats are vying for the nomination in this Lower Hudson Valley district.

Aisha Mills VS Moses Mugulusi VS Pat Ryan

  • Aisha Mills
    • Running as a progressive
    • Mills was the president and CEO of the LGBQ Victory Fund
  • Moses Mugulusi
    • Works as a financial auditor
    • Ugandan immigrant
    • Supporter of universal and child health care for all
  • Pat Ryan
    • Current Ulster County Executive
    • Running on his military service, gun safety, green infrastructure, and protecting the middle class
    • He is also seeking to serve the final months of now Lt. Gov. Delgado’s term in the 19th district which is a special election held on the same day as the primary

19th Congressional District Special Election

This district is arguably one of the most confusing districts. There will be a special election to see who will finish the final four months of Lt. Gov Delgado’s term serving the 19th District. That race will be between Pat Ryan and Marc Molinaro. Separate from the special election there will also be a democratic primary to determine who will run against Molinaro to represent the 19th Congressional District moving forward.

R-Marc Molinaro VS D-Pat Ryan

  • R-Marc Molinaro
    • Current Dutchess County Executive
    • Ran against Governor Cuomo in 2018
    • Plans to seek a full term in the district during the general election
    • He is running on the economy as well as the opioid epidemic
    • He is also endorsed by the conservative party
  • D-Pat Ryan
    • Current Ulster County Executive
    • Running on his military service, gun safety, green infrastructure, and protecting the middle class
    • Also endorsed by the Working Families Party

There is a democratic primary for this race as well. The winner would challenge Marc Molinaro in the General Election in November.

Jamie Cheney VS Josh Riley

  • D-Jamie Cheney
    • Business owner
    • Focused on climate, guns, and families
  • D-Josh Riley
    • An attorney
    • Wants to expand the middle class

20th Congressional District

D-Rostislav Rar VS (i) D-Paul Tonko

  • Rostislav Rar
    • Albany based progressive
    • Russian immigrant and works as an immigration attorney
    • Wants to focus on immigration policy and the shut down of jails in the area
  • Paul Tonko
    • Incumbent Congressmen for many years
    • He does not live in the 20th district currently
    • Focused on the campaign for the Build Back Better bill and climate change

21st Congressional District

Two democrats will battle it out to face longtime Republican incumbent Elise Stefanik

Matt Castelli VS Matt Putorti

  • Matt Castelli
    • Glens Falls Resident and former CIA officer and counter-terror official
    • Matt is running as a moderate battling for women’s rights but also the rights of gun owners
    • Wants to lower taxes, gas prices, and cost of prescription drugs
    • A strong supporter of policy centered around unions and a strong national defense
  • Matt Putorti
    • Whitehall attorney
    • Focused on LGBTQ rights, gun violence, and immigration

23rd Congressional District

This seat was vacated by long-time Republican Tom Reed. Two Republicans are battling it out to represent the GOP on the ticket.

Nick Langworthy VS Carl Paladino

  • Nick Langworthy
    • State Republican Party Chairman
    • Aligned with Trump
    • Campaigning on immigration, inflation, and protecting the 2nd amendment
  • Carl Paladino
    • Buffalo-based businessman and developer
    • He was the GOP nominee for Governor in 2010
    • He is also jockeying for a Trump endorsement