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An ABC Member's Guide to the 2024 New York State Legislative Session

The 2024 New York Legislative Session has officially ended. In total, the Senate and Assembly passed 1,679 and 960 bills, respectively; 805 of these bills have passed both houses and will await action by the Governor over the next several months. While the session has ended, we're not out of the woods yet. Senate and Assembly leaders have indicated they may return to take up the MTA funding issue. If that happens, we will update the members.

Our Government Affairs Team has made it easy to access this information all in one spot below. This guide contains the following:

  • An Overview of ABC's Priority Bills
  • Important bills that passed after the budget was finalized
  • A reminder of what was passed in the 2024 state budget

We Fought For You Every Step of the Way

Chapter President Brian Sampson speaking at a press conference to deter workers' compensation fraud in NY.

Chapter President Brian Sampson on Capitol Pressroom Discussing Project Labor Agreements on SUNY Construction

Chapter President Brian Sampson on Capitol Pressroom Discussing New York Assault on the Open Shop

Like prior years, the Legislature kept the Empire State Chapter Government Affairs Team busy. During an election year, being as engaged as possible is vital. This session, ABC:

  • Participated in over 100 meetings with the Governor, her team, legislators in both the Senate and Assembly and key legislative staff
  • ABC members sent over 2,500 voter voice advocacy letters to their elected officials
  • Spoke out at a press conference supporting legislation that creates a felony for those staging construction site accidents
  • Issued multiple memos in opposition/support regarding key pieces of legislation.
  • Received millions of views on the media pieces we had published.

Click the tabs below to learn what bills ABC successfully blocked, what ended up passing and a reminder of what was included in the 2024 budget:

ABC in the News - Over 50 MILLION Media Hits this Session