Political Events

Join your fellow members for our various political events. Bring your coworkers and business partners to our events to learn how the government is affecting construction and ABC members. It is also a great opportunity to develop a relationship with the elected leaders and agency officials that make decisions every day that impact you, and your business.

Unlike most events, this event is geared towards two things:

  1. Connecting you and your workers with the elected and agency officials
  2. Keeping you informed on whats going on in government so you are prepared to face this ever-changing political landscape

You don’t have to be a political nut to join us. ABC’s motto is Get into Politics or Get Out of Business. As a business owner, you need to meet and develop relationships with the elected leaders in order to get ahead in this industry.

We have a variety of political events in each of our six regions. We hope to see you and your company there!

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Example List of Political Events:

State Lobby Day

  • Members join ABC staff in Albany to meet with members of the Senate & Assembly
  • The group meets with these officials to push our agenda of supporting fair & open competition

Federal Lobby Day

  • ABC members join staff in Washington D.C to meet with our Federal Leaders
  • The group meets with these leaders to discuss our issues and push our federal legislative agenda


  • ABC invites Local, State & Federal Leaders to speak to our members over lunch about issues that directly impact our members
  • These luncheons are typically held at banquet halls
  • All proceeds are donated to our State PAC


  • ABC hosts a variety of PAC fundraisers as well as fundraisers for candidates that support fair & open competition
  • These events serve to support a candidate as well as connect our members with future elected leaders


  • Typically, these events are named Egg & Issues where ABC will bring in an elected leader to speak with our members over breakfast
  • These events are more personal and serve to connect a regional group of members with their elected leaders
  • ABC will provide breakfast to all participants
  • These events are held at a members office so the elected leaders can see the great work our members are doing for our communities