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ABC is the construction industry leader in safety, management education, craft training, business development initiatives and other programs and services to support personal and professional growth. Opportunities are available for individuals at all skill levels and for all companies, contractors, suppliers and associates.

Through ABC’s professional services committee, members have access to resources from some of the best in their respective fields, with specialties in the construction industry. This committee also gives members the chance to network, learn, develop and improve their business.


“The instructors and curriculum your chapter provides to our employees enrolled at your training center is what pushes them over the top to become Journeymen Carpenters. Since we have been in the program, we are very proud of the fact that over 12 employees have graduated, and 4 are currently enrolled are on their way to achieving their Journeyman status in the near future.

In closing, I would like to personally thank you again for your assistance in helping Gypsum Systems build a workforce that enables us to provide quality services to our clients.”

James Flowers, Gypsum Systems, inc.

“We have been involved with the education program in the LI/Metro Region since its inception. The program has grown tremendously and it is gratifying to see all of the different trades and companies the program now services. We have three programs that we participate in and we have enjoyed graduating students in both the Construction Craft Laborer and Heavy Equipment Operator trades. Within a couple of years we’ll be graduating our first student in the trade of Dockbuilder, a trade that had previously not existed for non-union companies. A couple of our graduates have gone on to become Project Superintendents for some of our larger projects. The education program has been extremely valuable and helpful to our firm and we look forward to participating for years to come.”

Jeff Grube, Chesterfield Associates, Inc.

“ABC’s education/training programs help us get our employees ready to become successful journeymen through classroom and hands-on training. These classes are taught by teachers who are either working or have worked in their specific fields so they are able to relay actual job site issues.”

Andy Sciandra, Gordon & Zoerb
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