Every construction worker has the right to a safer jobsite.

Our goal is to make construction safer. That's why we put together a safety package from the ground up that will make sure everyone is properly trained. Being safe on the ground is just as important as it is on a job 30 stories up. We believe in that so much that we encourage New York to adopt safety our nine point safety plan on all construction, from the ground up.

An advocate for safety in NYC:

Some say that apprenticeship is the answer, but craft training won't make workers safer. What workers need are specific safety trainings that protect them and make job sites safer for employees, as well as pedestrians.

ABC Safety Training Program:

You'll Learn:

  • How to properly perform CPR on Adults and children
  • How to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • First-Aid to care for wounds, cuts & scrapes, drug overdoses, electroshocks, strokes, heart attacks and more.

You'll Learn:

  • An understanding of the various types of harassment, a greater self-awareness and awareness of others, and an awareness of what constitutes acceptable vs. unacceptable behaviors
  • The legal and practical definitions and implications of harassment in the workplace
  • How to better recognize and avoid the behaviors that constitute harassment in the workplace
  • To develop the confidence to handle and ultimately eliminate harassment related issues
  • in the work place

You'll Learn:

  • OSHA’s definition of "permit-required confined space" and how to ensure employees are safe
  • OSHA’s Fall Protection requirements, determine the environments where falls can occur, learn the uses of protective equipment to protect the worker and prevent falls

You'll Learn:

Awareness and standards for regulating lead & asbestos exposure in the construction industry. The focus of this course is to familiarize you with the standard for safely working with materials that may contain lead & asbestos.

You'll Learn:

  • Use, care maintenance and inspection of various below-the- hook lifting devices, including alloy-chain slings, wire-rope slings, nylon and synthetic web slings, clevis, eyebolts, hooks, hoist rings and wedge sockets.
  • Experience both formal lecture and hands-on exercises to assist the students in the proper selection and use of lifting devices, as well as the various types of hitches and configurations to prevent unintentional load displacement.
  • Participants will be given practical and tabletop exercises consisting of load calculations, component selection and proper component use to demonstrate aptitude

This course meets the requirements for eight hours of annual refresher training for workers wishing to maintain their ability to work at sites requiring HAZWOPER certification. Enrollment is open to those that have already completed a 24 Hour or 40 Hour HAZWOPER course and are seeking their annual re-certification.

This course is designed to assist employers in identifying and fulfilling their responsibilities for posting and maintaining OSHA’s records of illnesses and injuries.

  • Practical exercises to ensure you will be able to identify OSHA requirements
  • Determine the difference injury or illness is work-related
  • Successfully complete OSHA forms 300, 300A and 301

This training is designed for employees required to work on scaffolds.

  • Participants will be able to recognize hazards associated with scaffold use, including falls, scaffold collapse, overloading, improper access and working around or near overhead energized electrical power lines
  • Identify what measures must be taken to ensure their safety while working on scaffolds

Drug & Alcohol Testing:

Around one-third of all incidents on construction sites nationwide are drug- or alcohol-related. Studies show that having a substance abuse policy dramatically lowers incident rates and protects workers lives. Construction is one of the most dangerous professions, so let's pass a safety bill that mandates a drug and alcohol testing policy, city wide on all construction.

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