Legislative Update

The Good
  • $100 Billion Dollar Investment in Infrastructure
  • Governor Cuomo has included a large allocation ($100 Billion over 5 years) for infrastructure improvements in his budget/State of the State. This money includes funding critical upgrades and projects such as roads, bridges, sewers and some specific projects such as:
  1.  5 Year Upstate Infrastructure Plan ($22 Billion)
  2.  Upstate Airport Competition ($200 Million)
  3. Penn Station ($325 Million)
  4. Javits Center ($1 Billion)
  5. LIRR ($1Billion)
  • Workers Compensation Reform                                                                                                                           
A common-sense workers comp reform proposal was put forward. This reform will be better for employees and ease the heavy burden that small businesses face. While it’s not perfect, it is a start

  • Small Business Tax Cuts
We are still learning more on the specifics of these cuts, but they should benefit us. On the flip side, see “Ugly” below

The Bad
  • Paid Family Leave Act
The Governor is proposing to push the Paid Family Leave Act to 12 weeks. With the flexibility that our mobile, information based economy offers, a “one size fits all” mandate does not necessarily make the most sense. 

  • MWBE
As is stands, it is very difficult on many projects to hit the 30% MWBE requirement. There needs to be reforms in order to make this requirement feasible going forward.

  • Javits Center & Penn Station
Both are being built using Design Build but
they are also being built using a PLA

The Ugly
  • Minimum Wage Hike to $15/Hour
It has been estimated that New York could lose hundreds of thousands of jobs with a minimum wage hike up to $15 an hour. Despite this, it is being pushed forward and could have a damaging impact on our industry. As you can imagine, a $15/hour minimum wage will lead to higher costs for everything, including materials, etc., as well likely lead to higher wages to employees currently making more in order to keep up with the increased cost of living.