On Wednesday, December 9th, the Binghamton City Council will hold a meeting where they will vote whether or not to override Mayor David’s veto on a resolution pertaining to the attachment of a PLA on the $300 million dollar Binghamton-Johnson City Sewage Treatment Plant. 

Mayor David's veto, if it stands,  ultimately means that a PLA will NOT be attached to this project, opening up work to local contractors and hundreds of workers in the Southern Tier, as well as saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.  

If you are able to attend the meeting to show your support for Mayor David's veto, please do so. We will be meeting at the K-Mart parking lot on 33 W. State Street in Binghamton with buses bringing people back and forth to City Hall. The first buses will be leaving at 4pm, so please arrive as early as possible.

We have also set up a VoterVoice to show our appreciation to the Mayor and the three Council members who stood up for us, please go to http://bit.ly/1Tzkfym to submit a letter.

If you have any questions, please contact Joshua Reap at (518) 469-1507 or at Reap@abcnys.org