Associated Builders & Contractors Empire State Chapter President Brian Sampson issued a statement today on Mayor David’s veto of a Project Labor Agreement on the Binghamton-Johnson City Sewage Treatment Plant:

“On behalf of the dozens of local contractors and hundreds of local workers who will now have the opportunity to potentially work on this project, thank you to Mayor David for recognizing that every man and woman deserves a fair shot at working on this $300 million dollar project.

We have said from the beginning that excluding upwards of 80% of the local workforce makes little sense, and it seems that at least a few people were listening to the hundreds of local workers that showed up to tell the City of Binghamton that everyone deserves a shot at work, not just a select few. This decision will open up work to hundreds who wouldn’t have had a chance otherwise, and it will positively impact thousands when taking into account the economic benefit that comes along with these men and women who will be spending their hard earned dollars in the local economy.

Minutes after the decision, we heard from workers who were ecstatic that they now have the chance to work on a project in their backyard, and might actually be able to make it home at night for a dinner with their family instead of spending it in a hotel.”