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 The Road to World Class Safety

Session 1:  May 16, 2017
How Your Leadership Impacts Safety: Have You Bought In?
 Peter Drucker stated “culture eats strategy for lunch” and nothing is truer when it comes to World Class safety. If you have ever wondered what is needed to begin and complete your journey to world class safety you won’t want to miss these sessions.
Session 2: June 6, 2017
Best Practices to Ensure World-Class Safety
As a participant you will:
  • Learn why leadership and culture are the necessary conditions in which to deploy world class safety practices
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the ABC Safety Performance Report’s 6 leading indicators and what they would look like deployed in your organization
  • Begin building an action plan using the 6 leading indicators as the catalyst to ensure world class
  • success

To RSVP and receive more information, please email Cynthia at erne@abcnys.org